Naboo mission

Episode XV: Theed Divided
Episode XVI: Into the Underworlds

We’re on Theed trying to access the data archives that contain data about ship movements in Corpsec space. This will tell us where the “Don Jaunty” is moving spice, which Tantin wants. Naboo is in the middle of a war between the human monarchy and Gungan separatists.

Nola Elaris – A reporter on Theed, writing about the black market on Naboo.

Duros (I wrote “Duros” here like it’s a name, but it’s a species, so I might have written down the wrong thing), the guy who knew Desric, gave us info on a place called Fig Antiques, on a station called “The Wheel”. Wants us to rob it. Something about Desric’s jewel thieving past.

Mars TKala – Leader of a mercenary force on Theed that helps keep peace for the monarchy. When we landed, the customs agent told Khron to see them. We stole a map of the tunnels from them.

The data archives are in no-man’s land. There are tunnels (former waterways) leading up the sharp cliff that Theed sits on, but there’s something ominous about them. There’s also a turbolift to the top, but the tunnels will take us directly to the data archives – otherwise we have to go through a war zone.

Morgana Rust – Black market contact. Young human. When we found her, she was being interviewed by Nola. She gave me a com link frequency of a Dr. Talcard who can sell me poisons.

Nola recorded us buying black market goods and used it to blackmail us. Wants us to give her an interview where we trash talk Palpatine on camera. She wants a story on why Naboo is frustrated with the Empire. Mathus managed to delete our recording from her droid while taking our interview.

Nola tells us that the gungans are rebelling against the empire’s treatment of non-humans. Trying to overthrow the government before they lose their rights. Also told us that the tunnels… smell?

The Daredevils – Capt Durand claims they’ve gone through the tunnels, no-one else has been able to safely. DDs are a mercenary group that works for the royalists. They also have aliens among them, but are fighting the gungans because they believe that they’re terrorists and shouldn’t have sole control of the government any more than the current monarchy.

Lower courts guards have weird com links. Mathus determines that they’re on a similar, changing frequency, one of which was connected to a call that was made between Mars and the captain of the guard. There’s another signal coming from near the star port where we landed.

Daredevils told us that a large beast is in the tunnels. If we can make it through, we’ll have proved ourselves and they’ll help us get the rest of the way to the archives.

Durand gave us a com link. Said the encryption they use is unbreakable. Once they deploy, we’ll head into the tunnels and meet them aboveground.


We track that com signal near the spaceport to a warehouse-like building. Once inside, we get a call from a Hutt. Mohsh Besadii – the one who dealt with Nash and sent him a heads-up. Dsiljik (the ones running spice) and Besadii are rivals.

- Besadii owes Black Sun money
- Mohsh is the ambassador of the Besadii

Mohsh makes a counter-offer: we destroy the archives. Warns us of the “Matraad” – Hutt justice that will kill us if we go against the Dsiljiks. Apparently Mohsh told the Dsiljiks about us. Even though the Besadii and Dsiljiks are rivals, Mohsh claims to want to bring peace to the clans by having them unite. It’s implied that the Dsiljiks are the clan mentioned in the transcript that Merriweather sent us, and that they’re already hunting us. We turn Mohsh down, because fuck that guy.


Into the tunnels. The smell indicates that they’re completely closed off – stagnant, brackish water everywhere. The odor smells like literal death. Decomposing bodies. We find an egg sac room in the sewers. 50-75 pale gray, writhing sacs. One bursts opens and we realize that they’re the source of the smell. Noxious.

Proceeding, we trigger an explosive, then enter a large cistern with something swimming in it. Turns out to be a “gravedigger”. They’re attracted to fresh water, which is hard to find in these sewers. We kill that bitch.

Got out of the tunnel and the DD are not there. They sound stunned over the com and tell us to retreat, but we sneak on to the data archives. It’s mostly empty – we hear an R2 unit downstairs, from which lights are flickering. Go downstairs, R2 shows us how to get into the vault.

Once there, we hear the sound of conflict getting closer. Also a clock that counts down our remaining maintenance window, only: it’s counting down way too fast. We have about 83 seconds. The clock terminal has an anti-intrusion device installed on it. It’s very suspicious – like someone came here and specifically hardened this console.


Inside the vault, we see 14 open-topped elevators that go down. There’s also an alcove with a bunch of papers, and a dimly lit terminal that says “index. press enter to continue”. I search for gravometric readings in corpsec space. : Some of the papers and the terminal itself has flickers of a weird numbering system that I can’t read. Turns out it’s base 8!

We figure out where the corpsec data is and grab it. I also search the index for “Besadii”, and grab a data cube that details recent shifts in power within the clan.

On the R2 unit, we find a recording from 2 weeks ago. A human is seen entering the vault. There is NO noise, which is EXTREMELY strange for Theed. The human says nothing, and knows his way around.


The cube talks about a Rebel assault on Ylesia, which seems to have greatly benefited the Desilijic clan while devestating the Besadii. Losing Ylesia’s spice mining operations left Besadii financially desperate and cost their seat on the Hutt Ruling Council.

Mohsh is Besadii’s ambassador, a post which is regarded to have little prestige. He appeared in the clan’s communications shortly after Ylesia, coming seemingly from nowhere. It seems that he is tied to some source of credits flowing into clan Besadii, probably from Black Sun.

Mohsh has a primary residence on Hotel Yarith in Cloud City. It’s weird for a Hutt to have an away home like that. Mohsh likes swoop bikes, particularly vintage Lhosan models. He speaks basic, which is weird. Based on the visitors to his Cloud City hotel room, he seems to have some kind of “species-specific fetish”.

Durga Besadii Tai is the leader of clan Besadii and an ally of Mohsh. Mohsh has a rivalry with N’oos Sliorn, a Black Sun Vigo.

Mohsh fired his last Majordomo, a Sakiyan named “Darjas Sal,” over what seemed to be an incident regarding jerked dewback meat on Tatooine.

> Oskara reads the datafile on Mohsh carefully. The jerked dewback incident on Tatooine triggers a distant memory. She vaguely recalls her owner talking about such an incident on Tatooine once, laughing about how one of his most valuable contacts was “dismissed for jerking the wrong meat”.


We work our way back towards the palace, phoning the daredevils. They tell us to hold tight. Meanwhile, a gungan patrol approaches the warehouse we’re hiding in.

While fighting the Gungans, Mathus learns that the interference on the comms is coming from the Royal Palace.

We overpower the gungans (the jewel in Desric’s hand compels him to execute one), and meet the daredevils. Scavenging, we find that the gungans had a map of Theed, with the vault circled. Were they expecting us? Maybe Tantin is trying to get rid of us? Who else knew we were coming? Mohsh?

Getting back to the palace, we see an extraordinary number of royal guards and Carver Tull (the guy who was escorting the gungan earlier). They tell us to lay down our weapons – we’re under arrest as enemies of the state. The daredevils stand aside, looking sheepish. We throw a smoke bomb and run out the door.


On the way back to the ship, we see a TV with Nola on it. She’s describing us, and saying we’re to blame for some recent military snafu and in league with the gungans.


We return to the station, and go back to the country retreat in “Hollowtown”. We see Tantin, some guards (we’re not forced to disrobe this time), and Loraina Halcore, baroness. Tantin says he has beef with the Desilijic clan and will want our help in a few days. He gives us a databag recovered from Bug – Mathus starts trying to crack it.

We pay Meriweather for another transmission. Khron gets an email from Sinoca, who’s representing some arms company.

The baroness tells us that she needs to make contact with N’oos Sliorn on Nar Shadaa, and in exchange will help buy us time with the Hutts. She tells us that Black Sun has muscled their way into Centerpoint and into her estate, and that she’s basically a damsel in distress. If we could find N’oos, it might help her wrest control of the station back.

Naboo mission

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