Merriweather has intercepted some transcripts where a human male and bothan female are talking about us.

Comm 1

Mohsh has implied that the clan mentioned in this comm are the Desilijics.

“Considered red by the clan.”

“No bounties.” – Meaning what? They we’re wanted dead, or that the clan just wants intel on us?

They have some information on us and are clearly tracking us, but don’t give away much about who they are or why they’re after us.

Comm 2

The human male is identified as “Wintide”. The TriFail was “one of his” ships, and Teemo (whom Trex was working for) was also “one of his”.

They’re tracking Oskara through the BH network. Turning in another bounty would give away my location. They know that Do’mesh tried to place a bounty on me (which was rejected by the guild), and Wintide is going to get in touch with him to see if he can be useful.

“if you’re not placing bounties and this is somehow connected to the Matraad, then you need to make sure that we, and no one else in the galaxy, ever catches wind of that.” – The bothan is worried about being associated with the Matraad in any way. Doesn’t want to know, definitely doesn’t want other people to know. “No bounties” because they want to deal with us secretly?

Someone named Dza’tey is investigating Mathus, and the bothan is feeding the human misinformation about him (telling him that his name is “Kaibe”) to keep the Hutts off Mathus’ trail.


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